Monday, November 2, 2009


Goodness it has been a looooong time since I updated my little blog!

Halloween was a blast this year!! They boys had a wonderful time and made out with a BUNCH of candy..too much actually! My sister came over to visit today and I made her take a bunch of candy home with her she was ok with that, Dylan was so freaking cute he wanted to walk up to every single house, he got mad when Mark would pick him up to carry him to the next house. The boys were getting a little frustrated because Dylan was slowing them down, so I bribed Dylan into the stroller with a worked and he was content sitting in the stroller eating his sucker.

I can't believe that Nicholas is 6 and Chris is 4 this Can someone tell me where time goes so I can go and get it back? Seeing Dylan totting around made me think back on Nicks first Halloween, well his first Halloween he was only 3 months old so I mean his second Halloween. Nick walked three streets to every single house and he would try and go in the peoples houses instead of knocking...oh man it was the cutest thing ever. I can't believe that he is now six years old and a big boy :(. He wore his first scary costume this year and tried scaring all the big kids, it was so funny.

Now on to some pictures from the big night! Enjoy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nicks appointment today

Nicholas had his appointment today with the behavioral specialist at Childrens Hospital. He went pretty well....she told me that Nicholas has a very, very mild form of Autism on the Autism spectrum. She also said that Nicholas has a mild form of ADHD. I suspected she was going to say these things so it wasn't no big surprise to me. Nicholas speech is what is really interfering with his social skills....other people can't understand Nick sometimes and it is really hard on him. She wants Nick to receive speech class at least 3 times a week. I am really excited about this because Nick was only receiving speech once a week. She had so many wonderful things to say about Nick...he was funny, very articulate, smart, great imagination, kind, sweet, cute...that made me feel very proud of my big guy! I feel relieved after this appointment that the doctor didn't try and shove medicine down Nicks throat. She asked me if I wanted to put Nick on medicine now and see if it helps him or if I want to wait until he is back in school and see how he does. I declined to put him on any medicine right now. I am not comfortable with it at all!! So for right now I am going to read up on all the info she gave me about the medicine and do a lot of research and watch Nick in school to see how is doing. He goes back in 6 months to see if the speech is helping him and to just check up on him. I am so blessed to have Nick and no matter what little problems he might have he is the most sweetest kid in the world..I am proud to be his mom!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dylan loves his cousin!

He can be so sweet and loving to his little cousin Jackson but then you turn around for one second and he is trying to put him into a head lock! In his defense I think he thinks Jackson is just a really big toy! HA!

It's been awhile

His favorite gift! Nintendo DS!!

It has been a few weeks since I blogged....I guess I haven't had anything to really talk about! My baby boy turned 6 July 14th :(. That is so weird to say! I can't believe how fast these years have flown by. I can't believe Nick is 6 and going into 1st grade! I am trying to get myself to believe this but nope it is not! He starts school August 18th and we both can't wait. He is getting so bored being at home. He misses his friends.....I can't wait to have peace and quiet and no I NEVER thought I would say that "I could not wait for my child to start school" but here I am saying it....I will miss him like crazy but like I said no fighting is nice! HA! Christopher wont be going to pre school this year. I have decided to keep him home with me. We will be doing a lot of work to get him ready for Kindergarten! I am not concerned about Christopher not going to pre school to learn but more so social reasons. I worry that I am just going to throw him into Kindergarten and he is going to be like WOAH mom what is this all about?! You want me to sit here all day and not get up and know things like that is what I worry about. I think he will just fine though. I am excited to have my baby home with me for one more year.

Dylan is doing wonderful! He has 8 teeth now, he weighs 26lbs and is 31.5in long! He is a big boy! He is turning one at the end of the month...can you believe that a whole year has gone by so quickly! He is into every thing and driving his brothers crazy!

Nick has an evaluation Friday and I am really nervous about it.....he is being tested for ADD and ADHD. I do not like the idea of Nick being on medicine and I am not comfortable putting him on it! Yes Nick has a ton of energy but really what kid doesn't??? I will be talking to the doctors about what other routes we can go besides medicine....I have also been doing A LOT of research. Nick is going to sign up for football Tuesday and I think this will help him out also for social reasons and it will keep him busy. This kid has got to be doing something 24/7. If they do "diagnose" Nick with having ADD or ADHD I don't think it is affecting his schooling so that is really all that matters. Yes he drives me crazy at home but hey isn't that what kids are supposed to do! I will find more activities and sports to keep him busy. Wish me luck on Friday and lets hope I don't get into a big argument with one of the doctors! HA!!

Here are a few pictures from Nicks birthday party :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HELP...going crazy!!

I am about two seconds from going completely nuts and being admitted to the crazy ward! This is just going to be a bunch of rambling but I have to get it out!! First off Nick and Chris are driving me crazy with their fighting, tattling, arguing, calling names, not get the point. It has gotten so bad lately that when they walk in a room I cringe because I just know that someone did something to the other. I shouldn't cringe when my children walk into a room! What is wrong with me? I love these boys to death and I feel so bad because I don't know but I just feel like I don't have the patience to deal with all the crying and whining.

Dylan oh my lovely baby boy who is at my feet every time I try to walk up and do anything! He will crawl around and follow me and pull up on my pants leg and whine until I pick him up...yes it sounds cute but trust me after the 500 millionth time he does gets slightly annoying! I can't get anything done around this house. When I do try and clean Dylan throws a fit because I am not paying attention to him. I am not worried about my house being so clean you can eat off the floors but come on Dylan I can't have dirty diapers hanging over the trash can! You have to let mommy do some cleaning!! I know this is a phase he is going through and it will pass(please tell me this is true).

Now on to my husband....ahhhhh I count down until 3:30 when he gets home so he can play with me and the kiddos outside and keep them occupied while I make dinner but guess what this rarely happens! He acts like he is stupid and doesn't know what to do when the baby cries or he doesn't know how to play with all three of them at once. Yes it is hard but guess what buddy I do it everyday! Please Mark pull your head out of your ass and start helping me with the kids otherwise I am going to end up in a nut ward from going crazy!

I am starting to get a little worried with how over whelmed I have been patience is gone, I have been yelling, I have been so stressed that I swear I can feel my blood boil, as soon as the boys get up I think how long I have till bedtime. I hate feeling this way! I want to be able to enjoy my kids and I want my kids to quit whining and fighting. I don't know what to do anymore...they don't listen worth a crap! I know if I was to follow through ALL the time with their punishment and not just 75% of the time it would really help but to be honest I don't even have the strengthto discipline them after they do something for the 50th time. I feel myself almost going into a little depression. I started having depression after the birth of that was a rough time in my life. I had ppd so bad but it is weird because I was the opposite of what ppd says you should feel. I was scared to leave Nick, I was afraid something was going to happen to him, I was scared to put Nick get the point. I do not ever want to go back into a depression that bad ever again! I am thinking of getting back on my medicine....I truly honestly think I might need some kind of nerve pill also! If you made it this far thanks for listening...things will be better soon! I hope! lol

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Firsts

Christophers first time sledding...we had tried to get him to go sledding before but he refused but finally this past winter he went and he loved it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday First

My friend Leah.. come up with a wonderful idea....every Friday she suggested that we all post about our kids, neice, nephew, friend, get the idea...first. I am excited to particapate in this! Thanks for coming up with this Leah....I know I am not explaning this correctly so go check out her great blog for more
Here is my first Friday that?! lol..Dylan trying baby food for the first time :)..yummy carrots!